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Short Portrait of the Institute


Within the broad field of communication technology, the Communication Technology Institute focuses on communication systems for electronic media and local networks.

Current research projects cover the wireless interconnectedness of users in any environment focussing on local networks for home, vehicular and industrial environments for the high requirements of real time data transmissions and control tasks. Based on recent communication standards solutions for future local networks are developed to enable media networking, ambient assisted living, smart home and cyber-physical systems for industrial applications.

These research topics are also reflected in the institute's offer of courses: Besides the basic lecture on communication technology ("Nachrichtentechnik") there are courses on digital communication technology ("Digitale Übertragungssysteme", with emphasis on channel coding), digital source coding ("Digitale Quellencodierung"), local networks, and image communication technologies and systems ("Bildkommunikation"). Besides theoretical aspects skills like system simulation and -analysis are developed in practical exercises, seminars and project groups.