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3DTV - Image Analysis and Enhancement


After the big success of  3D cinema films in recent years, also the introduction of 3D capable TV sets has become an important topic on the consumer electronic market. Just in the last year many TV manufacturer presented new TV sets that are firstly able to show 3D content in high quality. Therefore also the development of algorithms that are able to efficiently process 3D content has become a current topic in image processing. In comparison to algorithms for 2D image processing, depth information can be used besides spatial and temporal information. This can be estimated either from stereoscopic image pairs or from information present in monucular images.

This research project focusses on the analysis and utilization of 3D image information. In 2D sequences several depth cues can be analysesd to estimate the depth in a sequence. This information can then be used to compute a 3D sequence from the available 2D images. A further aspect is the estimation and utilization of the disparity information between left and right view of a stereoscopic 3D sequence. From this information correspondencies and redundancies between the two views can be deduced. These can be used for example for artifact and noise reduction or to enhance the image quality in stereoscopic sequences.   


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M.Sc. Christian Brauers