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Control Networks Testbed and Development Environment

A testlab for control networks has been set up at the Communication Technology Institute for research and demonstration of novel system concepts in the wireless control networks field of application. The setup contains multiple modular network nodes that are interconnected by a meshed network according to IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee. Hence, all devices can exchange sensor data or control information. In order to demonstrate an exemplary application, a smart lightning control has been realized for the corridor of the insitute. This smart lightning control detecs a person and forwards this information to surrounding lamps, which adjust their lightning current in the next step. Furthermore, a gateway is under development in order to remotely control the system and to monitor the current system state. The gateways contains a GPRS module that connects to a webserver.





Hard- and Firmware of the network devices has been developed at the CTI. Every node contains a ZigBee transceiver and additional interfaces for sensors and actuators. Since persons shall be detected, an infrared sensor is applied at the moment. The actuator is a light emitting diode (LED) with a lightning current of 330 candela. In addition every device contains an intelligent control, which has been realized with the help of a mikrocontroller.





Curently, the testlab is extended and installed in the corridor of the institute in order to perform long term tests of a intelligent corridor light control. Additionally, this set-up will serves as a showroom. The installation contains six network nodes and a gateway that is used for remote control of the system.