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Kusz – Cognitive IR UWB System for reliable real-time applications in automation technology


The aim of KUSZ is the development of a cognitive ultra-wide band (UWB) radio system for industrial applications, which require high reliability, short latency periods and flexible adjustment to the environment. This impulse radio UWB system will fulfill these requirements due to high radio spectrum and low energy spectrum. Furthermore also coexistence problems can be avoided due to low energy spectrum.

As narrowband primary users can cause inappropriate interference situations, the system has to minimize the influence of the interruption. Concerning this matter the cognitive IR UWB system observes the whole UWB spectrum, learn and verify on the base of the scan knots the spectrum occupancy in the whole UWB spectrum. These cognitive information are spread in the network by signaling, so that all participants can adjust the communication parameter to the current situation – for example the fast change to a free channel.

The work of the chair of communication technology focuses on the research and development of a robust and low-latency signaling system. This spreads information for dynamic adjustment to the currently available radio spectrum and the transfer conditions

The adjustment happens in line with demand spectrum management in due regard to primary users of the spectrum. Important is the fulfillment of the high requirements of latency and reliability. The integration of the signaling system in a cognitive IR UWB radio system shall provide evidence of the proper functioning of the whole system.


cognitive IR-UWB- radio system

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