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Radio Based Indoor Localization

Systems for location estimation exist since some time, though such systems became a part of everyday life since NAVSTAR GPS especially in the automotive environment. The ability of estimating the position enables new location based services for museums, airports etc. Furthermore one can think of position monitoring applications (healt care or logistics) or even the autonomeous control of robots or industrial processes. Radio based Localization gains advantages compared to optical or acoustical techniques since radio waves can penetrate walls. Therefore this technology is also suitable for indoor localization.

Nevertheless, some physical effects have to be taken into account. In general, multipath propagation, synchronization, attenuation and the high propagation speed of radio waves complicate the system design. Possible approaches to deal with these effects are a higher signal bandwidth, a longer integration time and appropriate filtering of the measurement values. Up till now, there is no solution for a precise and robust localization system which is suitable for every possible scenario.

Therefore, the communication technology institute deals with the examination and comparison of systems and approaches for indoor localization. The aim is to find the ideal algorithm and system parameters for every possible indoor scenario. In this project, algorithms are to be evaluated by simulation. To gain realistic simulation results, different scenarios are modeled with real measurement data of radio channels.


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