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ParSec - A Parallel (Par), reliable and Secure (Sec) radio system for low latency factory automation applications

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ParSec takes a completely new approach of introducing wireless communication systems to time-critical industrial automation. Based on an innovative PSSS-PHY-solution, an intelligent resource-block-assignment supplying time-critical and non-time-critical automation processes in the same network is designed to meet the high requirements of industrial automation. Due to dynamic resource assignment, the ParSec system will be highly flexible and thus adaptable to a variety of use cases. Protocol bridges provide interoperability of this new wireless solution with established field busses to enable easy adaption in industrial applications. Moreover, the ParSec system addresses security issues by investigating dynamic key allocation, e.g. based on location-dependent information, as well as efficient encryption of short packets in low latency networks.

Within ParSec, the CTI focusses on the development of an efficient MAC-Layer, which meets the strict requirements of industrial applications in matters of latency and reliability. In addition to administrating resource management, signaling and security algorithms, the MAC-Layer provides the interface to the PSSS-PHY-Layer and established field busses like Sercos III, PROFINET and EtherCAT.


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M.Sc. Elias Peter