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Channel characteristics for wireless in-house and car networks

Nowadays, consumer electronic devices are in most cases only connected to a few other devices. Future devices will have an ubiquitous connectivity between each other. Due to this, integrated services can be exchanged between them. A very interesting possibility to realize such networking is posed by wireless local networks.

In addition to the home environment, there are many applications of wireless networks in the vehicular environment. In a future scenario there will be wireless connections within the car, between cars and between the car and a base station.

Due to the high density of active network participants and the limited frequency range for wireless LANs in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band, mutual interference has to be avoided to a large extent. The development of appropriate methods to assure coexistence requires profound knowledge of the channel properties and the propagation characteristics.

In this project the characteristics of the transmission channnel will be investigated. The goal is to develop reliable channel models. With the help of these models different adaptation methods and transmission principles can be analysed.

The attained statistical conclusions and developed channel models are incorporated into other projects like TakeOFDM and miniWatt II.



Typisches Inhauskanalprofil im 2,4 GHz-Bereich



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