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E-DeMa - development and demonstration of locally networked energy systems to the E-Energy marketplace of the future


The main project goal of E-DeMa is the creation of a smart energy system by employing information and communication technologies (ICT). With E-DeMa, consumers of electricity are no longer only consumers but also producers of electric energy. Hence, they are called prosumer (Producer + Consumer) and they can participate actively on the so-called E-Energy Marketplace. Therefore, each prosumer will own an ICT-gateway that interconnects the WAN of the energy system with the LAN of the user. The ICT-gateway has different inhouse interfaces which are able to communicate with smart meters and can control smart household devices. In addition, the ICT-gateway controls decentralized micro power plants.

The CTI focuses its research on the wireless inhouse communication. Different wireless technologies are compared with each other regarding the requirements of E-DeMa. The research is carried out by applying simulations and evaluating models and scenarios. In addition, a practical testbed is set up to evaluate the technologies within realistic inhouse scenarios. The research results are used to formulate optimization concepts. The research focuses on actual technologies like ZigBee or WLAN. Besides, novel concepts are investigated in terms of the E-DeMa requirements. Finally, the CTI supports the project consortium by formulation of the requirements and the specification of the E-DeMa network architecture.