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Most of the actual eye-tracking systems have several restrictions on the user. In some cases he has to wear special measurement equipment or his head has to be fixed. Such limitations can not be accepted in many applications. Some examples are the human-computer interaction or the in-car tracking which implies an unrestricted movement of the user.

The intention of this project is to enable the usage of the eye-tracking system with maximal freedom of movement for the user. Such requirements of the system make it necessary to be able to compute the viewing direction independently from possible movements of the user. Both, the position and the orientation of the user's eye in the space have to be determined. Extracting this information from a camera image can only be done with a precise eye model which considers the complex eye shape and motion characteristics. The development of an eye model as well as its integration in the eye-tracking system is a main topic of this project. The reliability of the eye-tracking system depends on the accuracy of the object recognition during the image processing. In this project, special algorithms will be developed to provide a reliable calculation of the model parameters.


Eye-Tracking System

Eye-Tracking System (schematic)



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