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Transmission of information in a mobile environment based on WLAN

 Car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication gains increasingly in importance for the structuring of the future driver-information and assistance systems. It makes a contribution to enhance the security of the road traffic and to improve considerably the quality of the traffic information. The wireless technology based on the IEEE 802.11 standard appears to be a good solution for the mobile application. The functionality of this standard in the automotive sector must be checked.

The WLAN standard IEEE 802.11g uses an OFDM-multiplex for the generation of the transmitted signal. The OFDM-systems enjoy the advantages of frequency selective channels that are expected because of the multipath propagation in mobile environments. It is very important to know the properties of the transmission channel in order to be able to estimate the validity of the WLAN.

For this evaluation, jobs and analyses are being carried out in this mobile area at our department.

The main point is the construction of a measurement WLAN environment. The properties of the connection during the drive, the data rate and the performance during the roaming time are analysed by series of measurements in such a test environment. The knowledge of the expected fades in frequency is of value for the prediction of the error rate and a later optimisation.

For the investigation and further development of such systems two applications are currently being implemented in cooperation with  SIEMENS VDO in the range of drivers security and drivers information systems based on WLAN. The target of the first application is to transmit the occurrences from one car to another. The target of the second one consists of a connection between a car and a Hotspot, which provides a traffic service.

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