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Diffraction based laser projection

Due to advances in the field of microtechnology very small displays can be manufactured. Such displays can be used as spatial light modulators (SLM). With a pixel size of only a few microns, the SLM diffracts visible light. Using a coherent light source and a phase-only modulating SLM, a very efficient diffraction-based projection unit is realized. This principle uses phase-only modulation, diffraction and interference of coherent light. With regard to image processing, diffraction-based laser projection is one of the most interesting projection techniques of today's research!

In this research project image processing of diffraction based laser projection is analysed. A high resolution liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) display serves as a dynamic diffraction grating. Coherent laser light is dynamically diffracted and interferes to almost any desired image in the far field. The propagation operator of the light field can be described by a Fourier transform, thus the name Fourier holography.

Our research interests are in efficient hologram computation for real-time applications, analysis of diffraction efficiency and investigation of visible artifacts when changing from one phase hologram to another.

Keywords: computer-generated hologram, diffractive optics, kinoform, real-time holography, diffraction-based projection



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M.Sc. Christian Brauers