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Optical Measurement of Depth Maps on Basis of Adaptively Generated Diffractive Gratings

Optical 3d measurement is getting more important in many fields of application. Todays optical 3d measurement methods of arbitrary textured objects are based on pattern projection. The patterns projected onto the surface are detected by sensors. For a confident evaluation a high contrast and therefore high luminace of the generated patterns is necessary.

In this research project new methods of depth map measurement based on laser projection are analysed. The research concentrates on measurement methods which work reliable in cases with critical circumstances like high ambient lighting. Recently available high resolution LCoS micro displays (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) with very high spatial resolution and high reflection coefficients are the key technology for this project. Using a monochromatic laser projection system based on a LCoS micro display as SLM (Spatial Light Modulator) the projection of many diffraction patterns with high intensity and good efficiency is possible. In this setup the micro display acts as a dynamic phase grating.

To obtain the depth maps the projected patterns are evaluated with methods of 3d image processing. A mutual adaption between adaptively generated diffrative grating and the related processing of the generated sensor data is the scientific challenge that is expected to reveal a new quality in depth map measurement.



lu_tiefenprofil1_e lu_tiefenprofil2lu_tiefenprofil3



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