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Research at the Communication Technology Institute


Research activities at the Communication Technology Institute deal with the subject area of wired and wireless local networks. Issues within the scope of media networking, energy efficient systems and industrial cyber-physical systems have led us a number of projects that focus on refinements of physical layer and media access layer, as well as aspects of cross-layer network optimization. Recent standards and drafts create a basis that allows us not only to solve this set of issues theoretically and by simulation, but also to prove novel concepts in experimental set-ups and demonstrations.

In cooperation with our partners in industry and institutional research, we work in a number of joint projects on the realization of the idea of ubiquitously available information. The requirements of real time data transmissions with high availability and reliability are our aspiration at this. The divergent requirements for applications in home, vehicular and industrial environments are only compliable, if the available transmission resources are used very efficiently. Our longstanding experience with technologies for electronic media allow us the consideration of the overall systems here. In the following ongoing and finished projects from the topics of transmission techniques and image processing are presented.