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Research at the Communication Technology Institute


Research activities at the Communication Technology Institute mainly deal with the subject of local wireless networks. Scientific questions within the scope of Industry 4.0, Ambient Assisted Living, Smart Energy and Smart Home have led us to a number of projects that focus on refinements of physical layer and media access layer, as well as aspects of cross-layer network optimization. Besides innovative approaches such as optical free space transmission via video display and cameras as well as the PSSS (Parallel Sequence Spread Spectrum) concept, recent standards or standard drafts create a basis for our research. Whenever meaningful and possible, the topics are not only handled theoretically and by simulation, but also tested and demonstrated with experimental setups.

In cooperation with our partners in industry and institutional research, we work on a number of joint projects aiming to realize the idea of ubiquitously available information. The requirements of real time data transmission in dense communication scenarios which achieve high availability and reliability as well as efficient spectrum use define the boundary conditions of our work. In recent years, a number of projects have also been conducted in the field of image signal processing. The combination of wireless communication methods with the institute’s competence in the field of video signal processing led to a new approach of multi-parallel optical free space transmission via displays and cameras.