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PSSS system for wireless communication in industrial automation

Applications in industrial automation have strict requirements regarding latency and reliability of the transmission. To date, these requirements are fulfilled by wired field bus systems only. Future applications will need a higher flexibility and mobility of the communication network, e.g. for autonomous vehicles in warehouse logistics or robots within a manufacturing cell, than it is provided by wired systems. For this reason, wireless systems are gaining in popularity. They offer the required flexibility as well as easy retrofitting and a relatively low maintenance cost. However, the requirements of industrial automation, especially factory automation, have yet to be solved by a wireless system. Therefore, future wireless systems need to adapt to the transmission properties found in industrial automation use cases.

Parallel Sequence Spread Spectrum (PSSS) is a flexible multiple access method based on nearly orthogonal codes. To encode the data symbols in parallel, cyclically shifted spreading codes with exact time synchronization are used. This enables a flexible resource allocation defined by chosen code and time slot. PSSS offers a high flexibility concerning the occupied bandwidth through choice of the code length, the allocation of resources as well as the option to quickly adapt to different SNRs through choice of the number of utilized codes. Errors within a PSSS frame are distributed equally. A fading channel therefore behaves similar to an AWGN channel. This can be beneficial when transmitting over quickly changing channels found in industrial environments.

Our work at the chair concentrates on improving the PSSS method through simulation and measurements. This includes the optimization of the PSSS parameter set and the orthogonalization of the utilized spreading sequences. Moreover, techniques for channel equalization and error correction methods adapted for PSSS’ unique characteristics are developed.


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M.Sc. Elias Peter