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Skills at the Communications Technology Institute

The Communication Technology Institute was able to accumulate skills during several Industry and research projects. The following list provides an overview over the core competences.

Communication Technology

  • Efficiency of wireless networks (definition, evaluation, modification)
  • Optimization of wireless transmission within networks
    • Cross-layer Optimization
    • Link Adaptation
    • Radio Resource Management
  • Convergence of heterogeneous wireless technologies
  • Cognitive wireless communication networks
  • Self-organizing wireless networks
  • Software defined Radio
  • Hierarchical wireless networks
  • Iterative decoding of error correcting codes (esp. LDPC)
  • Profound experience with PHY- and MAC-Layer of various wireless standards like:
    • IEEE 802.11
    • IEEE 802.15
    • ZigBee
  • Simulation of complex networks (e.g. in MATLAB and OMNeT++)
  • Visible Light Communication
  • Optical Display-Camera Communication

Image Processing

  • Capuring, processing and playback of 3D-sequences
  • Image quality improvement with superresolution
  • Diffraction based laser projection
  • Optimized 3D-image display through purposeful usage of depth dependent blur and disparity
  • Active/passive 3D-measurements
  • GPU-based imageprocessing using CUDA
  • Optical Display-Camera Communication

Hardware Developement

  • Design and prototype development of RF circuits up to 6 GHz
  • Digital circuit technology (VHDL, FPGA)
  • Microcontroler based systems

The Communication Technology Institute has a variety of measurement equlipment and development tools at hand to realize sophisticated projects:

Laboratory Equipment

Software and Development Tools


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